Why Use Carson TM for Your Telemarketing?

Here at Carson, we take the utmost care in making you the targeted sales appointments that you want.

Out entire process is dedicated and formulated to make sure you’re only being set up with the best fit, relevant prospects for your business.

We’ll start this off by engaging with the right people. We are a boutique telemarketing company and help you with targeted lists, as we know that blasting away at cold data is expensive and unproductive.

We work closely with data brokers to find the right data based on our understanding of your needs, but often you will have the data available in your own systems.

Your prospects have searched for you for a reason and taking time to understand your business needs and prospect motivation is a great step for setting up appointments.

LinkedIn can also be a brilliant resource for finding leads, most importantly the decision makers. This is a resource we use regularly for our customers and it is tried and tested way to produce great results.

Next, we’ll make contact with the prospect, working on approved scripts and teaching our callers everything they need to know about your business to make the sale.

Having experienced, mature and polite callers that are well versed is something we pride ourselves on.

In most cases, we will follow up with email literature and call again to try and schedule that all-important appointment for you.

It’s vital that we get to the right person – the decision makers. Having a full diary of appointments means nothing to you if none of the prospects are ready to buy or can make that decision themselves.

Contacting prospects who are ready to have that conversation is what we do best and is the secret to great telemarketing. Of course, a high level of persistence thrown in for good measure never goes amiss!

We understand that it’s not always easy to travel and meet prospects, and time is of the essence when it comes to keeping somebody’s attention. We’ll talk directly to your prospects to establish interest, and schedule a mutually convenient appointment, be this in person, by phone or even by video call programmes like Skype.

If it’s an event you’re looking to attract people to, we can prompt them with a phone call to follow up an invitation – this is proven to massively boost the attendance rate. Typically, we would follow up any postal invites with booking links via sites like Eventbrite to confirm attendance.


Don’t worry though, all of our processes are GDPR compliant – our emails will only go to people we have spoken to and who have requested information.

Our sister company WNW Digital who are just next door help us out with our email marketing, drawing on their experience in the digital marketing industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team approach telemarketing or want to know how this method of marketing could benefit your business, get in touch with our team of experts.

Call 01392 346106.

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