What Benefits Could Telemarketing Bring Your Business?

There are many arguments for ‘the future is digital’, which can mean traditional sales practices like telemarketing don’t see as much of the limelight as they should.

Although people tend to focus on social media marketing and incorporating the latest digital trends into their marketing plans, sometimes the tried-and-tested sales methods should be the base of your marketing strategy.

A lot of people still associate telemarketing with unsolicited phone calls. In fact, it’s the opposite – telemarketing is so much more than the ‘telesales’ tactics mentioned above.

Telemarketing creates opportunities to make people aware of products, further generating interest and appeal, and making appointments and securing new leads for a business, all over the phone.

So why should you implement telemarketing for your business?

Gauging customer interest

The great thing about telemarketing is you have the chance to gauge the interest level of the customer you’re selling to.

If they continue to make excuses to end the call or demonstrate a disinterest in your product, it’s easy to end the call respectfully and move on to the next person – who may be more interested and suitable for your business.

Telemarketing allows you to waste no time in talking to unqualified and disinterested leads.

More personal sales service

Rather than sending a mass email it’s easier to personalise your sales call to each individual customer.

They may mention something small or as a throwaway comment – that’s your chance to seize their attention by showing you’re listening and continuing the discussion with them using this personalised information.

A static, rehearsed phone call is never going to encourage people to buy but building rapport and trust between you and your client just might.

Sell from a distance to reach more people

The beauty of a phone call is that it could be dialled from anywhere to reach anywhere. You could market to people all over the country, even the world, without having to move from your desk.

Building your client base is always a benefit – the more people you can sell to, the more you can expand your business.

In addition to this, being able to say you have clients in various companies around the world could improve your reputation, making your company look trusted and important.

Sell to existing and new customers

Existing customers sometimes need a gentle push to remind them to re-engage with your product or service.

Reaching out to them using telemarketing is a great way to do this. You can also dive deeper from here and probe answers as to why they haven’t used your products or services for a while or upgraded their service. This will help to gather market data for improvements in the future.

New customers will also need to know you exist – calling them directly will plant the name of your company in their head and make it likely they may do some further research and qualify as leads.

Achieve measurable results

The measurability of telemarketing makes it a great addition to a business. Analysing, reporting and measuring a campaign’s success are key components when drafting a new campaign and improving upon the previous.

You should also be able to establish what marketing methods work best – conversational style marketing or a pre-scripted feature heavy speech?

You can use this information on your future campaigns as it gives a valuable insight into the reception of your calls.

Makes marketing cost effective

When there’s not hundreds of pounds being spent on an advertising budget or a flashy website, telemarketing can be considered a very cost-effective marketing method.

Admittedly you must pay your employees their salary as in any other job or you outsource to telemarketing professionals (this is usually the more cost effective of the two options), but after this the work is done for you and at no extra cost.

If you really have your strategy right and are phoning the right leads, each call should also move you closer and closer to a sale.

There’s really no way to go wrong when it comes to telemarketing. Whether you do this from within your company or outsource for convenience’s sake, telemarketing is something every business should utilise to the fullest degree.

If you need help with beginning your telemarketing, or cleaning your database so it only contains the right leads, contact our professionals to find out more.