How can Event Marketing Help Your Business?

Are you planning an important event coming up or need to fill those last few seats for an upcoming event? Marketing your event is the one thing that could lead to the success or the failure of any event.

Event marketing leaves a lasting impression of your business, so make sure to grab the attention of people and let your event resonate with people to execute your event marketing successfully.

So, why is event marketing so important, and what techniques should you be using?

Benefits of Event Marketing

  • Sales – The purpose of marketing an event is to sell tickets. Once you’ve sold tickets to your events, you can use your event to really sell your business and services to attendees. If any prospects have questions about your product or services that are holding them back from buying, they can ask questions at the event in person. You can answer their queries in the hopes of closing the sale on the event day or in the close future.
  • Grow your database – You’ll be able to build a database of leads directly from your event. Even at the registration point for an event, it generates a list of people who fall in your target demographic or who are interested in your product or business. These people can then be added to your marketing database and mailing lists for further marketing efforts in the future. Even if the event itself does not seem like a great success, the follow up with these leads afterwards can still bring you great results if you’re willing to put the time in.
  • One on one relationships – Holding an event allows people to meet the faces behind the company to build that all-important trust and familiarity with your prospect, along with enhancing your brand awareness strategies. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to really connect with prospects – it could be the difference between sale or no sale. You’ll have the opportunity to build real, thriving relationships that can really impact your business, its reputation and may eventually lead to referrals from these prospects.

Ways to Market your Event


Using telemarketing to reach out to targeted leads and prospects could result in a lot of ticket sales for your event. Event prospects feel like they’re getting a personal invite to your event which results in a lot more people purchasing tickets.

So long as you’re contacting the right people who could have a genuine interest in what you’re event it about, you could really hit the right target market and get yourself great results at your event.

Telemarketing is a brilliant way to produce fantastic results for your event and even if you’re just trying to fill the last few seats, telemarketing can work for you.

Yes, great telemarketing will take up a fair amount of time from your team and require a lot of effort in order to see the results. However, you do have the option to outsource this telemarketing. Outsourcing your telemarketing allows to you to receive the great results that can be produced whilst saving your own team’s time and your money.

If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing your event marketing to a telemarketing agency, take a look at our page all about this service.

Email Marketing

In a similar way to using your database for telemarketing, you can also utilize this database for email marketing. This is a fantastic technique to complement any telemarketing campaign. Following on from your phone calls with emails will produce a far higher conversion rate than just phoning people.

If you have a clean database full of relevant and targeted prospects, you could hit the nail on the head in terms of ticket sales. Emails will sit in someone’s inbox until they’re opened, making them very hard to ignore.

However, we would always recommend resending every email a few days later to the people who did not open your last email. Change the subject line on the resend, but the email content can remain the same. It’s a great way to catch the people who receive hundreds of emails a day.

Couple your emails with an engaging and relevant subject line and the chances are your emails will receive some attention and your event tickets will sell!

At Carson, we think event marketing can be hugely beneficial for a business. Many of our clients found that outsourcing their event marketing took the pressure and stress away from them so they could focus on the event itself. Whilst still receiving fantastic results.

We can market your event to an extensive database of targeted prospects and ensure there is not a free chair in the house. If this sounds like something that could help you, please get in contact at