The Basic Sales Tips You Need to Know

Securing sales is the backbone to any business and the key to expanding your company, but for many this can be the hardest part of owning a business.

At Carson TM it’s our job to get our client’s the sales appointments they need, then it’s down to them to close the sales.

In this blog post we will be sharing all of our top sales tips to ensure you make the sales you need to reach your business goals.

Refresh your memory

Make sure you’re up to date with all the notes you’ve made about a prospect. One small snippet of information you’ve gathered from a previous phone call or appointment could be a great conversation starter that will help to build rapport with the prospect.

Similarly, the prospect could have mentioned concerns they have with your product. This is your turn to step in and wow them with all of the solutions you can provide. It may not just be an issue with your product, think about how your product/service can solve their problems.

Knowing your customer and having a good recall of any previous conversations can really help a prospect feel like they’re being listened to and build trust between you both, adding to the value of whatever you’re selling.

Concentrate on showing value to the prospect

All the best sales people know that there’s no way a customer is going to buy from you if they don’t see how your product can benefit them.

Whilst focusing on how your product can rectify any questions or concerns your prospect has, value is also delivered through a personalised and targeted service.

Be clear and direct

Never mislead a prospect with promises you can’t deliver.

Make sure you answer questions clearly and directly – giving an honest answer to your client is the best way to gain their trust and set the foundations for a long-term partnership.

Know how you’re going to close the sale

It’s likely, or certainly hopeful, that by the time you come to closing your sale, you’ll have spoken to or met your prospect previously.

From this, you should have an idea about how you’re going to close the sale with the customer.

Whether this is taking all pressure off them to allow them to make their own decision or encourage your prospect to believe the value in what you’re selling, you should have some plan in place that you think will win your prospect over.

Without this, you risk being lost for words at the end of your sales appointment with no direct way of leading the customer through the sales funnel and persuading them they’re ready to buy.

If you’re ready to start making sales appointments, contact us at Carson TM. We’re dedicated to securing you the best fit sales appointments with relevant prospects, so get in touch with our team today.