Meet Our B2B Telemarketing Team


Alex is the Business Development Manager for Carson TM. With over 20 years of B2B sales and marketing experience, she is an essential member of our team.  

One of her favourite aspects of her role is the relationship building process that she has with her clients. 

Offering a tailor-made solution for every client is just one of the services that Alex is known for, from discussing their goals and achievable results, she can determine a personalised plan to meet these targets, with our clients at the centre of it.  

Alex has also taken part in an acting course in her past-time which really benefits her phone manner and allows her to speak to prospects even in the most difficult of circumstances, whether they’re in a car or high winds, she will still work to secure the appointment.  

The satisfaction for Alex comes from closing a deal and knowing Carson will be furthering yet another client’s ventures. For her, it is one of the most rewarding elements of this job. 

If you want to see how Alex can increase your sales and tailor our telemarketing service for you, get in touch with her today: 01392 346106. 



Nigel is one of Carson TM’s co-directors, he also owns a digital marketing agency which is partly where Carson started.  

Before starting his Digital Agency, Nigel worked in a Telemarketing agency for professional services, and this is what has set him up with the knowledge needed for Carson TM.  

When it came to his Digital Agency, Nigel wished to outsource the telemarketing to another company but faced the roadblock of huge monthly fees and long contracts.  

This was when Nigel realised that if he wanted new leads each month but without the long contracts and huge fees, then other businesses probably did as well.  

From this came Carson TM, where he aimed to bring accessibility of great Telemarketing to small businesses. 

Nigel loves meeting likeminded business owners and helping them achieve their goals with Carson’s low minimum contracts.  

It is also important to Nigel that he contributes a specific set of skills to the company – mainly bringing an understanding for the demands of cash flow and a need to focus on ROI, to help both Carson and their clients see results. 

“Planning is essential, but plans are useless.” Dwight D. Eisenhower”  

– This is one of Nigel’s favourite quotes for business.  

Thankfully, the lucky money frog that his wife gave him has seen him through this far by sitting on his desk. Although for Nigel and Carson TM, dedication has been the largest factor in success.  

Get in touch with Nigel on LinkedIn here.



Richard is the other co-director of Carson TM, alongisde Nigel.

Starting Carson TM with Nigel was an opportunity for Richard to provide its services to appropriate businesses and some of the other companies he owns in and around the City of Exeter. The first of these Richard started in his early 20s and has since founded several more. 

Carson is a product of his experience, with Richard having worked as a director, non-executive director and ambassador of his own companies and other organisations. 

Richard loves everything about the company, the staff, the clients, the cut and thrust of everyday issues and even the speed at which his hair is turning grey.  

Aiming to always be hands-on problem solving and giving encouragement, Richard turns up and likes to stay productive – apart from when his desk seems to collect other people’s belongings whilst he’s elsewhere! 

You can connect with Richard on LinkedIn here.

If you want to find out more about telemarketing and how Carson can help your business increase your sales and leads, call our team today: 01392 346106