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In order for any telemarketing campaign or even marketing campaign to work effectively, you need to have an up to date and accurate database. This is where telemarketing data cleansing comes into play for your business.


Data cleansing can be a long process for any company so outsourcing this task to a professional telemarketing company can take the pressure off your team and allow you to focus on your marketing and sales.

Over time business roles switch and change so the contact that you may have from a year ago may not even be working at the business anymore. This could potentially mean your marketing efforts are going to waste.


When you outsource database cleaning, we will check all of the details you have and replace any that are outdated or incorrect. Generally, we check:

  • The email addresses and numbers in your database are all still relevant and correct.
  • We check the main contacts name, position and the job titles of main decision makers within the company.
  • We will source additional contact details for the key decision makers.
  • The list will be checked for duplicate data.

You could be finding that the productivity of your team is low because of high bounce rates when contacting your database, this could be fixed by cleaning the database.

Reaching the main decision makers of the company is a crucial part of the selling process, they will be the ones who have the power to say yes – these are the people you want to be targeting. Our team will find out who these people are and get your team the correct contact details to sell to them directly.


Outsourcing your data cleansing will be both time and cost efficient for your company. You can contact our team today to find out more regarding how your data can be cleansed and the benefits of this to your business.

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