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Personal invitations can make all the difference when you’re holding an event, whether it’s a seminar, trade show or even a webinar – invitations matter.

Our team deliver the right information to targeted people in order to convert your database into attendees.

Telemarketing is a great addition to your event marketing strategy; we can target your audience directly to jog their memory of your marketing and give them all the information that they need.

Add the personal touch to your event by creating a human interaction with your audience right from the invitation.

Telemarketing before the event allows you to target the people who may actually be interested but ignore generic emails from businesses. On the other hand, you can engage with the people who were unsure whether to attend and convert them by educating them on how your event is going to help their business.

Our team are experienced in working on both paid and free event campaigns with great results. Do you have an event coming up or are you thinking of planning one?

Get in touch with our team and tell them about the event that you’re holding, you won’t have an empty seat in the house once our team hit the phones for you.



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